JetBlue Giving Flyers Compensation For Canceled Flights

By The Points Guy


With scores of flyers affected by the thousands of canceled flights over the past week due to weather, you might think that your only recourse was to accept change or cancellation fee waivers being offered by airlines and rebook your travel for another time, but there might be more that you can do, and miles to be had.

Case in point: JetBlue canceled all its flights on Monday. Full stop. It’s rare that an airline will do this – most will at least continue operating and hope that they can squeeze a few flights out, but JetBlue made the executive decision to ground all its flights and crews and wait out the storm. It issued cancellation and change waivers, but that’s little comfort to affected flyers who found themselves unequivocally stranded.

However, as a small way of compensation the airline announced that it would be issuing the following bundles of TrueBlue points to affected flyers depending on the number of cancellations they experienced:

1 cancellation: 5,000 points or $50 (for non TrueBlue members)
2 cancellations: 10,000 points or $100
3 cancellations: 20,000 points and a one-way flight voucher or $100 for TB members, and for non-members a one-way voucher or $100 …read more

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  1. What an insult….How about the added expenses of meals, rental car, hotels, lost wages from work because the next flight we could get on was 5 days out. What a joke….and if you’re not a true blue member than you’re really screwed….also they say send receipts to….which doesn’t work, at least my computer doesn’t recognize it. It was a horrible experience and a huge financial burden and for that they want to give $50 credit. REALLY!

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